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Shades of What Once Was

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This is electric_echoes' photo-only journal.

Here I will post pictures of places that fascinate me, that I poke around in with my camera and a few close friends. These are places that we shouldn't be in, so please, just look at the pretty pictures and don't ask me where these places are. Breaking and entering is illegal.

While the places in these pictures may have been abandoned and empty for years, time and decay have given them all very distinct personalities. I attempt to breathe a little bit of life into these locations, and try to make them appear as beautiful in photos as I see them.

Enjoy, and any feedback is greatly appreciated.

Edit: Due to the recent amount of emails I've been getting about using some of my photos, I'm adding this disclaimer. If you're interested in using any of my pictures for any type of project, send me an email, or response in my journal, before using my pictures. For non-profit projects (flyers, student projects, etc...) I'm more than willing to let you use anything you may like, as long as credit is given. And for other projects (albums, magazines, etc...), I'm also willing to negotiate prices for anything you might want to use.

Thank you.

I'm also a proud member of http://www.fallout-ue.com and Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

All images copyrighted to Travis Burton.

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